Justine McLucas

  • One of 6 Nominees worldwide for IPDFA IPC “Instructor of The Year” in both 2013 and 2015
  • Nominee for the “Representin” Award: Most Positive Role Model in the Pole & Aerial Community (Pole World News Awards USA 2014)
  • GOT TO DANCE 2012 (UK) Series 3 -TOP 34 (judges Adam Garcia, Kimberley Wyatt & Ashley Banjo)
  • VOTED #20 in 2012 & #25 in 2013 in the United Pole Artists – Global Poler’s Choice Awards Top 100 List
  • IPDFA International Pole Championship Semi-Finalist + shortlisted to top 25 in the world 2012
  • Ranked No 17 in the World by Poleranking.com 2011
  • World Pole Sport & Fitness Semi-Finalist, Budapest, 2011
  • Miss Pole Dance UK tied 1st Place & Best Entertainer, 2011
  • Pole Divas Professional Championship Runner Up, 2010
  • Pole Divas Professional Championship London, Winner 2010
  • Miss Pole Dance UK Finalist & Best Costume, 2009

Australian born Justine started dancing at 3, performing in a singing & dance troupe called “Teeny Boppers” on stages for years even before her 10th birthday. Graduating from the Hamburg Ballet School at 18, she then went on to complete a degree in a totally unrelated field after an injury to her ankle left her unable to dance en pointe… She completed a triple major in Asian Studies, Anthropology & Thai language from The University of Sydney as a mature age student in 2005, then set off to travel across the world, visiting places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Tibet & Base camp at Mt Everest on a journey to move to London, where she continued in a career in Investment banking (dabbling in a little of everything!).

She found Pole Dancing at a gym in 2007, which quickly became her new passion, and she started performing as an aerialist as well as a Burlesque Artist and Can Can girl in cabaret company “Cabaret Rouge” in 2009 performing regularly at Cafe de Paris and other West End venues, eventually deciding to leave banking to set up her own business with the first of her numerous Ecole de Pole studios opening in Jan 2010, now with a London venue, and Singapore franchise (and more in the making!)

Justine tied 1st place at Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 on points, and was also crowned “Best Entertainer” with a Burlesque style Showgirl routine.. that turned into a contemporary lyrical routine combining her two favourite dance styles. A World Pole Sports Semi Finalist in Budapest 2011 and ranked in the World’s Top 25 at the 2012 International Pole Championships (IPC), she has travelled the world performing her signature style of Lyrical pole acts in places such as Australia (X-Pole Reflections), Sweden, ‘Gravity’ in Mexico, Spain and the USA at the Pole Convention ‘Showcase of the Stars’, a few music videos and films, and now continues to judge many pole comps, and teaches international workshops to students across the globe, including her EAT SLEEP POLE RETREAT pole camps – which have been running in locations across Europe and Asia (Spain, London and Singapore) since 2011!  She is an X-Pole Australia Ambassador and the face of Pole Motion DVD’s.

She brought her unique Contemporary Pole style (making use of all that ballet background), to the mainstream in 2012, reaching the Top 34 of Sky 1’s Got To Dance in the, with a dream come true moment with one of her dance idols, Adam Garcia (who went to the same dance school as her in Sydney as kids), teaching him a pole move on screen (and nabbing a kiss and a cuddle from him too).

Justine is known for dance quality, artistry, technique and exquisite lines. An all rounder though she loves to throw in a few deadlifts, handstand tricks, Baby Fonji’s & Iron-X’s just as much as her signature pretty flexy and pole flow combos and tricks, with choreo heavily influenced by her classical training – her teaching style has been compared to being Whacked by the Mafia… from which grew the branding of her “Mclucas Mafia” pole clothes and the slogan on her infamous hotpants “Whack Me”, and awarded her nominations for “Instructor of The Year”

When not poling… Justine can be found doing one of her other loves… drinking red wine (in abundance)… building children’s homes in Thailand, holding pole jams to raise money for various charities including UNICEF and ECPATT, hanging out with her famous pole Chihuahua Chilli, driving her Evo, handstanding or arm balancing! Justine is now based out of Brisbane in her home country Australia after living in London for 10 years, however travels between all the EDP studios in London and Singapore and teaches workshops around Australia the rest of the time!

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