Advanced Instructor Course (Brisbane, 2020)


Dates: Apr/ May (2020)

Where: BRISBANE location

Time: Day 1 (1-5:30pm), Day 2 (10am-2:30pm)

Pre-Requisite: The EDP INTERMEDIATE Instructor Training Certificate (or equivalent Pole Instructor qualification)

Please Bring:
* Laptop / iPad or Tablet with the manual downloaded and readable!
* Printed worksheet pages from the manual
* Phone or camera to take videos if you wish to during the practical demonstrations
* Power cord or charger for your tablet!
* Notebook and pens/ pencils (spares in case they run out!) to take notes and use for worksheet answers if you don’t want to print the pages
* Warm Clothes (tracksuit pants, leggings and jumpers, socks, leg warmers, back warmers) as a lot of the time we will be sitting down or discussing not always warm and dancing about!
* Pole Clothes (shorts and tops)
* Grips
* Heels (optional)
* Water bottle
* Snacks
* Enthusiasm and lots of energy!!
Manual & Administrative Handbook: Will be emailed 7 days prior to course date only after payment is received in full.
Cancellation Policy:  We do not issue refunds and the money collected may not be transferred or substituted for another service. If for any reason you are unable to attend the training you registered and paid for, you must send an email to the office (or through the contact form on this website) to reschedule to attend an alternate training at a later date. There may be an administration fee for this service.

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